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Reason i choose WordPress (My first post on WordPress)

Hello my name is Abrar Nabil Tilucaksana Hasanawi, my name is very long but i usually called Abrar. So, this is my first post on wordpress as you can see on the title. I’m very excited about this because one of my hobby is writing, and i hope i can improve my writing talent on this platform. And the reason why i choose wordpress as my blog instead other platform because my sister, Asytafinafilah Hasanawi or you can called her Filah introduce me about this platform. And after that, i think this is the good platform than can improve my writing skill, then i ask my sister to make one for me. Maybe this is not the best platform but i really enjoy it because in my opinion wordpress is look very catchy than other platforms, but it’s my opinion don’t take that seriously. So, right now i have my personal blog on wordpress. And after this i wanna write often, maybe i don’t have a lot of free time because i’m a student so i have to study more often than writing. But, if i have a free time i will spend those time with writing on this blog (hopefully), because i really enjoy writing. So, yeah maybe this is all i can say in this post, but I wish I could make more posts in the future and make this a daily routine for me. And sorry for my bad english, because i’m from Indonesia so English is a foreign language to me, but i hope you can understand what i say on this post. Thanks.



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